Tips To Revise Quickly Before An Exam

Tips To Revise Quickly Before An Exam

You have little time to review, you are stressed and that’s good because this stress will boost you and stimulate your memory. In this article, you will get tips to revise quickly before an exam.

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Revise your subjects with the highest coefficient:

You will revise longer in your subjects to the big coefficient to improve your chances of succeeding in your exams.

  • Revise the materials that you find difficult.
  • Revise the materials you find boring.
  • Revise the topics that fascinate you.

Indeed, if you come to try to revise the subjects that annoy you most last, you will not be enough motivated because you will already have revised quite a lot and you will have plenty of it.

Stay motivated during your last-minute review

Make a list of everything you will do and steer as you go. This will motivate you and show you that you have already made good progress and that there is not much left to do when you have a lot of things out. The goal is to organize you. This is the key to success and even more during the last-minute revisions. Give yourself rewards. For example, give yourself a 10-minute break if you reach one of your goals from your list. For the most greedy, treat yourself to a snack, go nibble some things…

Make a revision schedule

Depending on your schedule for the next few days take the time to take a sheet and put in time slots all the tips you read here. Take care to revise quickly before an exam. Your brain needs to be oxygenated. Here are some simple tips to maximize your brain’s memory capabilities.

First of all, if time permits, do not hesitate to open your window to renew the air of the room in which you work. I remind you that you work intensively for your last-minute revisions and that you consume a lot of oxygen because your brain is boiling. Take the time to go out and get some fresh air from time to time. This will allow you to oxygenate your brain again but also change the air. You will see more clearly when coming back to work. As much as doing this little, stand up straight. You will breathe much better and your lungs will oxygenate your brain more easily.

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If you have time play sports

Intense work involves high glucose consumption. It is important to eat a balanced diet, but during this short period of the intense overhaul, you should eat glucose-rich foods such as sodas, cookies, milk or fruit. How to revise a review quickly and well, Take breaks regularly otherwise, you will get off. A break of 10 minutes every 50 minutes seems pretty good. Do one thing at a time. No TV, no phone, no computer. You revise thoroughly during the 50 minutes that you gave yourself. You do not have the right to waste time so do not reread your entire course. Review your revision sheets because if they are well done, they contain most of your course. Review course summaries if your teacher has provided them or find them on the internet without searching for hours. The goal here is to work fast and well in a minimum of time.

Revise effectively according to your type of memorization

If you have a visual memory, You must make drawings, you must make diagrams that will best represent what you need to remember. The idea here is to visualize what you write to retain it more easily. It is also very interesting to summarize data, dates … in a table. Painting is very visual. Use a color code to highlight important parts of your cards. It is not because you are in “fast revisions” mode that you will not re-read your cards a second time for the third time. You will come back to it and by putting in color the important words you are impregnated of these words. If you have a hearing memory, review it out loud and feel free to repeat what you are reading.

You need to hear the same thing several times to remember it. If you have a motor memory, write several times what you need to remember. Do not hesitate to do it several times, there is no secret, the repetition has always paid. Make drawings, make charts and diagrams that will allow you to manipulate the information that you will remember more easily. Find exam topics from previous years. Often there are standard questions that come up very often, you need to be able to find them quickly. Review your course summaries before going to bed, you will memorize your courses without you realizing it. It’s ultra-efficient.

Finally, take the time to sleep well even during a period of a few days during which you will quickly revise many things. I advise you to sleep at least 7h per night